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Shameless Self-Promotion (List of Books)

Shameless Self Promotion and Other Books

Thanks for reading this book. I hope you enjoyed it. It will help me become a better writer if you would please leave a review on Amazon, even if you thought it sucked.  I ask that you please be very specific and tell me where it sucked.

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I publish a QFR (quick free read) every Sunday night on my website.  A tweet with the link is sent out when it’s up, and a link is also posted on my Facebook page. The content is usually science fiction with some lapses into other genres. I hope this is a good excuse for you to follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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Who is Steve M?


I escaped from the information cages of Mega Corp, after years in the data prisons. Writing and avoiding recapture are my priorities. Florida is warm and sandy with a wife, two cats and a dog,