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A noir crime thriller for these uncertain times.

Your new guardian angel is a psychopath.

Dennis Trunk has a reputation for solving puzzles and he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.

He won’t kill…unless he has to.

Between one and two percent of the population are psychopaths.

Trunk is highly functional.

He has a steady job, an ex-wife, and a side business offering discreet services that work well with his condition.

From investigations to body disposal, Trunk has your back.

Drugs are a business and Art Piro is a very successful business man.

An arsonist is destroying his business.

Trunk is hired to find out who is behind it and stop them. The list of suspects is long.

An inside job

Plenty of suspects and each of them ready to kill.

When you can’t call the cops…

…Call Trunk

A dangerous man for desperate times