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Sit anywhere you want. Put your feet up. Not real big on rules around here. 

Just finished THE PRESENT and the History Department at the University of Centrum Kath. It’s up for pre-order everywhere:

The eighth version of the universe destroyed itself…so did all the rest.

Welcome to the 1,143rd iteration. 

A mining android found a rock that defied chemical analysis out in the Molliere Rings at the edge of the Finite Void.

Contained deep inside of the rock was the orb.

It contains the complete history of the eighth universe.

The Android Republic intends to give the orb to the University of Centrum Kath to establish diplomatic relations.

But when Pete and Wazzit find out it is the most valuable artifact in the universe well…..

….thieves will be thieves.

Can our light fingered friends pull off the greatest heist in history?

Or will they have to settle with their new real estate scam?

A famine rages on Earth Seven due to the Sociology Department’s memory wipe of the planet.

But now things have changed and Koven Modi is sent with Historians and Sociologist to save as many as possible.


Can Koven finally live up to his potential?

Will Allor forgive the sociologists?

How can Rusa help?

The rogue android Zero is still plotting against them all. 

He wants Koven dead and Rusa decommissioned.

Then he will kill Dru, the enhanced human ambassador from the Android Republic. 

Get The Present before your planet self-destructs

(now a 71.27% probability)

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Science Fiction Satire 

What if they are wrong… …maybe a military science fiction universe isn’t viable. What if it’s a death sentence?

Welcome to the 1,143rd iteration of the universe. We’ve finally conquered the urge to blow up everything. 

So we’re trying something different.
The result is the sort of place we all dream of, almost, if it included a probability calculator and teams of well-meaning assassins.

But even a universe at peace is a very dangerous place.

First year historian Koven Modi is a slacker with a dangerous job. 
So far all of his assignments have been easy. But not even a famous mentor can keep him safe on his next mission. 

Just like your planet, Earth Seven is also in quarantine. 

What? Don’t act surprised. 

However Earth Seven only has a medieval civilization. 
Wars have raged for hundreds of years. 

Koven is sent to investigate the use of advanced comms technology on this primitive planet.

Years ago Allor found a crashed spaceship on Earth Seven. 
Now he is on the cusp of uniting the planet under his rule. 

… he heals the sick with alien technology. 
… he travels across the sky as if by magic. 

His mother tells everyone that he is a god and has created a religion to worship him. Mother of god, she likes the sound of that. 

What could go wrong?

If you like thought provoking alternatives and witty satire, join the thousands who have discovered a new voice in Science Fiction.

Get it now before your planet self-destructs 
(currently a 63.82% probability)


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