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I write Science Fiction Satire, Thrillers and Political Dystopia stories. Sit anywhere you want. Put your feet up. Not real big on rules around here. There is a fresh bag for the Volcano if you want to fire it up.

Yes, that is a picture of me.

If you prefer imagine me as the man standing in front of you with a gun saying, 'get in the fucking van.'

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Science Fiction Satire 

The end of the universe will not be an accident.
It wasn't last time either.

Elaine McGee is a science teacher going through tough times. That was before the spaceship arrived. Welcome to the Final War, Earthling. Can she stop RESET?

If weapons technology advances faster than empathy there is only one destination, an extinction event.

The Goodness Empire controls 80% of the universe. Don’t let the name fool you. It is an empire built on conquest and slavery. They are five former enemies navigating the bumpy new era of cooperation. Chiro leads them ruthlessly. 80% isn’t enough for him.

Mathematics professor Lawrence Chu is in love with professor Kassman. One night he gave her a drunken hypothesis that the central tendency of the universe indicated that they should kiss again. Because of this the ensuing argument resulted in a breakthrough new model and subsequently a new weapon.

Before the History Department at the University of Centrum Kath there was the Math Department and the Numeracy Committee. Find out how it all started with this prequel.
No experience necessary.

One part hyperactivity, one variant of our evolutionary tree, and two parts curiosity. What do you get?
Oflap Bueller, Navigator fourth class, after another demotion. She's like a good friend who has forgotten her meds. But there is a terrible moment in history hurtling towards her, more probable with each choice she makes.

Discover IMPROBABLES now before your planet self-destructs.
(currently a 63.82% probability).

The final war has begun.

Words your mother won't like? Definitely.
Imaginary Sex? Of course.
Satirical Viewpoints? Overwhelmingly.

This book description conforms to the exception made for FACTION (Facts Told as Fiction) in accordance with Section 183.17 of the Charter of the History Department at the University of Centrum Kath, the largest repository of knowledge and learning in the universe.


A Crime Thriller 

All I could think of was that I would go to prison.
And they would also get the money too. I planned for everything, everything except a homeless kid.

What would you do? 4 grow houses. Million of dollars. It was 2014 and the business was changing rapidly.
The kid was looking for a dry place to sleep, away from the cops, away from the shit on the streets.

Some tests we're not supposed to fail. I wasn't ready to be tested.

Follow our narrator through the worst day of his life. Dark clouds and bad choices.
Jackson, Mississippi is a tough town. Been that way as long as people can remember.

Read Forced Entry, the unexpected gut punch. The first one is on me.

Words your mother won’t like: Definitely
Imaginary Sex: Of Course
Satirical Viewpoints: Overwhelmingly

This was the first story I ever published. It was my best attempt to reach off the page and slap the reader. You'll either love it or hate it, no middle ground with this story. Apologies for the play format, rookie trick to make the dialogue sound more realistic while writing it. I've been told it's noir. I'll leave that for you to decide. Still one of my favorite stories. WTF did I just read? That's what I was aiming for.

Get it HERE

And finally, I've packed us a lunch, we're going on a road trip to Dystopia

 In a trade war, the winning country is the one whose people lose the most. China tried to finish off western manufacturing. But they never expected the American response. Nobody did, especially Americans.

You don't just wake up one morning in a dystopia. There is a path. There is a story.

Anderson was a soldier in better times. Due to his divorce, credit card debt, and a truck without insurance, the American dream is nowhere in sight. Seems like a rough life is ahead for him. But then he is offered a job by a mysterious man named Martin – five million dollars is a lot of money! 5 targets in 5 weeks. Who is he working for? What are their goals?

You’ve seen it online. The cute questionnaire with the elephant that asks, ‘which cartoon character best fits you?’ Answer as if your life depends on it. Because it does. Social Media is finally an official weapon of the government. Now mass arrests are coming. Most important, you are your threat score. But we’re crossing the threshold from ‘do something wrong’ to ‘be someone wrong.’ What if those RETWEETS you made were for government messages designed to get you to self-identify? Obviously that LIKE on that controversial picture from the news last week was not a good idea.

Bobby Calhoun is a young Houston television reporter with a comfortable life. He’s got a good job, a pretty fiance, and he manages to slide through without too much effort. Soon he will be in over his head and on his way to becoming the most hated man in America. Was it really his fault? No one had heard of ZLM 150151. No terrorist history on them at all. Home grown. Then they made their intentions known with the first five murders. Bobby didn’t ask them to contact him. He thought he was helping. Can he survive his own mistakes?

A decade ago Carl Millibank told a reporter that he would become America's first trillionaire. He's doesn't talk to reporters anymore. Millibank is running the the American response. Carl is a detailed planner type. Plan-Do-Check-Act. Contingencies and risk mitigation. Timelines and deadlines. A formidable man, considered a degenerate by those who know him well. Can he keep America on the road to dystopia?

Wide-spread systemic failures are coming and they are all according to plan. Then a rapid shift to the new model. The biggest change to America in over 150 years is starting and there is nothing you can do to stop it. It begins two days from today with the murder of a cop in Houston.

Read The Robespierre Conspiracy now while its still legal.
Then delete it, just to be safe.

Words your mother won’t like: Definitely
Imaginary Sex: Of Course
Satirical Viewpoints: Overwhelmingly

Steve here.

I believe that we have entered a state of dystopia since 9.11.2001. I wanted this story to be as close to reality as possible, no technological gaps. The only thing missing are the cast of the book, the plan and their actions. Everything else is ready to go.

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