Steve who?

Steve M escaped from the information cages of mega corp right before mega sucked the last bit of life force from him. It was a close call. Years of weekly project and program reports had left him weak, exhausted and disoriented to the world outside of the data sphere of his prison. There is very little exception handling in the outside world. There seem to be a lot less meetings required in the real world. One very rainy day security left a window open in the bathroom and he escaped.

Educated at the universities of America, Steve M exited with a Masters degree, although it mostly served to pushed him deeper into slavery at mega. Still, he enjoyed the education experience and became a life-long learner.

(enough of this third person writing about myself crap)

Science Fiction is a major part of my writing because of a simple belief: there is no magic, only things we don't understand....yet. Science Fiction is the realm where incredible things become possible because of technology rather than mythical/magical explanations. A stretch of the technical imagination is all that's needed for it to be real....and that means it’s possible


Political thrillers are fun to write. I believe that we've been in a dystopia for decades now and it is finally becoming visible in the western world. The third world has known it since before the term Third World was coined. Our fetish attitude towards economic growth rather than development seems suicidal in a finite ecosystem. We'll poison the environment too much for even our own species.

Cannabis focused stories, what can I say? It’s terrible laws with racist origins. It is more interesting to tell the story from the other side. Don't like it? Don't read them. They are fun to write and I like the hard-hitting, ain't not heroes round here, noir style. It's like an unexpected punch to the gut. And there's always something else going on in these stories, another much larger story.

It’s warm in Florida with my wife and two cats.

I hope you like the stories.