The Last Believer

Book Cover: The Last Believer



Twenty years from now Earth is ending its long quarantine. This coincides with the death of Vizzie Campbell, the sole survivor of the Battle of Alice Springs and Earth's last believer.

Over twenty years six billion people perish. 90% die in the first year. Vizzie Campbell is allowed to live out her fever-shortened life in isolation.

Two days from today Earth experiences a world-wide aurora. The next day a pandemic breaks out among believers. Driven by excruciating pain and blood lust they kill those of other faiths. As their victims die 'the fevers' experience spiritual bliss.

And so it begins.

Parker Lin is Earth's trade negotiator and is excited by the alien technologies and the profound effect they will have. Teams of hundreds work back on Earth building models of future profitability.

Haafiz and Walid are picked up in East London on Day 2 of the virus and taken to the O2 Arena with tens of thousands of others. As the virus claims more victims, it becomes harder to keep the Sunni away from the Shia. It's all is going wrong and the only person with a plan is Mo, a cannabis dealer that attends a school for the gifted.

This is your future and it begins two days from now. Abandon the cities brothers and sisters.

This is a novel about atheists, free thinkers and leftists. You have been warned.