Earth Journals

She’s saving the Earth from invasion…
…on a part-time basis.

Duff is sent to Earth as part of a bargain she made to get out of prison.

The former government interrogator has come to assess Earth’s defensive capabilities.

Given only two days of preparation, she is dumped in Central Florida in the middle of the night.

She is weaponless.

Her only pieces of equipment are her interactive glasses and an Optool that lets her change her appearance. But the Optool is malfunctioning. When that happens, she never knows who she will look like.

Duff studies human interactions via Moments, a long-running daytime soap opera. Carefully analyzing it, she learns about aspects of human interaction that do not naturally occur in her species. Simple things like sarcasm, metaphors, and idioms are new to her.

It doesn't take her long before she becomes one of the show's biggest fans.

Can an alien from another planet survive on Earth without discovery?

Can she keep Earth out of the clutches of the Yirgo Trading Group?

When disaster strikes, can Duff save Moments after its cancellation is announced?

She’s big, she’s green, and she is the only reason we haven’t been invaded ... yet.

Follow the misadventures of your favorite soap-opera obsessed alien.

My name is Makeda Keita Defo un ReDuff and I approve this message.

Click the links below to read the journals:

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EJ 4 - 6


EJ 7 - 9


EJ 10 - 12


EJ 13 - 15


EJ 16 - 18


EJ 19 - 21


EJ 22 - 24


EJ 25 - 27


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