From the Underground

Operational Group 17 Report

Date: 98737916452

The incident with the Colos Team has been resolved. They apologized when weapons were aimed at them. But before we could have a reconciliation, we went below 20 seconds on the drone pass and had to scatter.

Regardless of apology, further cooperation with the Colos Team won’t happen again soon. They can attack the 1s however they want. As will our group. We consider their disregard for civilian life criminal.

We have two new requests for resignation.  It is to be expected. The recent news demoralized everyone. The god-child has control now. We’re working to prevent  the Lubis contingency.

Still I have prepared the team for 30 minute extraction should a planet ending event begin.  The South China Sea is the most likely site of escalation.

Otherwise, off-world contact has been minimized. It only occurs now when  there is need for extractions. And of course these reports.

steve m (historian)