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Would you kill to stay out of prison?

I planned for everything, everything but a homeless kid.

Meet our narrator on the worst day of his life.

What would you do?

I had seen colleagues discarded like wrapping paper in the financial crisis as mega corp struggled to remain profitable. I could be next and I needed a Plan B.

But my Plan B was on the other side of the law.

'Grow and Go' I called it. I was in the 19th month of my 36 month plan. I left life as a hard-working corporate project manager for a 3 year solo project. Then onto permanent vacation and the good life in the islands. After a rough start I was feeling confident.

The kid was looking for a dry place to sleep, away from the rain, the cops, and away from predators. Jackson, Mississippi is a tough town. Been that way as long as anyone can remember.

Some tests we're not supposed to fail. I wasn't ready to be tested.

Enter the paranoid world of our narrator, where good and bad aren't clearly defined and trust is a mistake.


Get FORCED ENTRY - Dying and Crying now before the cops show up.

Discover life after we finally conquer the urge to blow up everything.

But even a universe at peace is still a very dangerous place.

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Physics Professor Klept is missing. His latest unsanctioned experiment may put the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies on a collision course.

Meanwhile a medieval planet in contact quarantine has started using advanced comms technology.

If you find alien technology...
...don't try to become a god
...It may not turn out as planned.

Allor found a crashed spaceship years ago.
Now he is on the cusp of bringing the planet under his rule.

How many would you kill to end all war?

Field Historian Koven Modi is sent to investigate.

Koven isn't the best person for the job.
He's the only one left.

Everyone else is looking for Prof. Klept and his dog.

If you like thought-provoking alternatives and satire, join the thousands of readers that have discovered a new voice in science fiction satire.

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Conspiracy, Uprising, and Utopia. Together.

The Robespierre Conspiracy
LIKE. RETWEET. SHARE. That will bring government guns to your door.

You don't just wake up one morning in a Dystopia. There is a path. There is a story.

Bobby Calhoun is a young Houston television reporter with a comfortable life. He’s got a good job, a pretty fiance, and he manages to slide through life without too much effort. Two days from now he will be in over his head and on his way to becoming the most hated man in America.
Will he survive his own mistakes?

Anderson is a former soldier. Between his divorce, credit card debt, and a truck without insurance, the American dream is nowhere in sight. Then he is offered a job by a mysterious man named Martin – five million dollars is a lot of money!
Will Anderson unleash a new Reign of Terror?

A decade ago Carl Millibank told reporters he would become America's first trillionaire. He is running the the American response to China.
Can he keep America on the road to dystopia?

In a trade war the winning country is the one whose people lose the most.
Wide-spread systemic failures are coming and they are all according to plan. The biggest change to America in over 150 years is coming and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

Welcome to a new America. It starts two days from today.

The Robespierre Uprising

60 Million Americans in camps form the backbone of a unique American Dystopia.

Ten years later and the initial boom is over. America is in a deep recession and only phony government statistics tell us that everything is fine. The Income Paradox has arrived.

In the new American future, much has changed --

Now there is a northern wall and a southern wall on our borders. Getting into America is hard - getting out is even harder. Abortion is illegal again. Being LGBT is is also illegal again. Church attendance is necessary to avoid the camps. Atheists now face a death sentence in America. All pregnancy tests are transmitted to your church and they manage the pregnancy - even helping you choose an appropriate biblical name. English is the official language. Speaking anything else is a crime while on American soil. Our military is now available for hire by other countries, and has become our largest source of government revenues.
In short, it's the sort of America some people dream of. Strong and Wrong.

Sydney Delos is Vice President and keeps it all running. He has the President's ear and is her right-hand. Still, he knows it's not working the way it was advertised. And he's scared. The person he loves the most is at risk from the rules he administers. Then, there is the Hinton Confession.

Chris Hinton ran the CIA for twenty three years. On his death bed, he confessed to the Reno bombing, San Diego and Boston, too. He confessed to every act of terrorism he orchestrated on behalf of the Democratic Party in order to swing elections their way. But as a life-long Republican, he didn't mention a single act done for his side, and there were many. Now Vice President Delos must decide whether to use the confession to transform the electoral map forever.

Enrique Saba is a member of The Inbreds, a card and chip copying gang that live outside of the law.

Americans are mad and getting madder. It will only take a spark. And it is coming from a long forgotten chapter in American history.

The Robespierre Utopia

Sydney Delos is old and desperate. America is not what you think. Can Sydney keep the old ways from returning? Who will take the caretaker’s position after him?

The final chapter to the American trauma.

Read The Robespierre Trilogy while its still legal.