Notes about stuff (blog)

June 13: 2018

A book cover has been born:


An intergalactic empire versus a junior high science teacher and infinity – a fair fight.

Weekend To-Do List

Break up with boyfriend – Check
Quit smoking – In progress
Go camping – In progress
Alien Abduction – Imminent?
Help save the universe – WTF?!

Elaine McGee is the science teacher and chess coach at Krauss Junior High. She’s been going through a bad patch recently and is trying to make changes to turn her life around. She is about to get some unexpected help from the largest mathematical concept.

Chiro Montal is First Minister of the Goodness Empire, an alliance of empires that rule eighty percent of the universe. He’s ruthless and crafty. As the leader of the largest of five factions, former enemies come together after centuries of warfare, Chiro navigates the bumpy landscape of cooperation. The factions all share one trait, they are authoritarian regimes, that ugly, dangerous blend of industry, government, media and military where the only disagreement allowed is over who agrees the most. Chiro finally has the means to crush the rebel areas of the outer spiral arms.

Professor Lawrence Chu is a math professor at the University of Bilcor-Anders in the outer spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Professor Chu believes he might have solved an unsolvable problem. If true, the rebels may have a formidable new weapon.

Oflap Bueller is a navigator second class that cannot avoid the wrath of her commander. Bueller keeps having these ideas that sound really good until they go wrong. Will Pluto survive Bueller?

Before the History Department at the University of Centrum Kath there was the Math Department and the Numeracy Committee. Find out how the whole thing started with this prequel. No experience necessary.

Read IMPROBABLES: a satire about very large numbers now before your planet self-destructs (currently a 63.82% probability).

Words your mother won’t like? Definitely.
Imaginary Sex? Of course.
Satirical Viewpoints? Overwhelmingly.

This book description conforms to the exception made for FACTION (Facts Told as Fiction) in accordance with Section 183.17 of the Charter of the History Department at the University of Centrum Kath, the largest repository of knowledge and learning in the universe.




Chuckling through a review yesterday.